The Inevitable Truth about Weddings

Scared that something will go wrong on your wedding day? It probably will…but it won’t actually ruin your day, and you’ll have a great story to tell after. Actually being prepared for something to go wrong on your wedding day will really help you deal with it more easily when you find out what that thing is that goes haywire! Some people say that you can even expect up to three things to go wrong, but we’re pretty sure you can 100% count on at least one thing happening that isn’t part of your wedding day plan! We surveyed our own staff to find out what some mishaps were on their wedding days. Turns out everyone experience SOMETHING going wrong!

Kristin’s wedding fortunately had only minor mishaps. For example, when she arrived, the table linens were a different color than she had ordered from the rental company. What was her response? She was fine with it. “The colors still worked, even though it wasn’t what I had asked for. It still looked beautiful and that’s what mattered to me.”

McKenzie’s wedding was plagued with terrible weather. And we’re not just talking a little drizzle. Her mountain-top wedding was the windiest ever because of the tornado blowing nearby! “My veil blew right off my head the second I started walking down the aisle. As soon as the ceremony ended, it started to downpour! At one point, the weather got so bad that the caterer was threatening to leave! Fortunately, it all worked out. Every got to eat, and we danced the night away. And as for the rain on the ceremony, my favorite picture from the day is the photo of us kissing in the rain for the first time as a married couple!”

Lauren remembers being super excited for her cake. It was the “Tuxedo” cake from the Beach Pea, one of her (and our) favorite bakeries. During the reception, she remembers cutting the cake with her new husband for the photo op, but never saw (or tasted) the cake again after that! “To this day, I still have no idea what happened to my cake! Maybe some lucky wait staff got to enjoy it after we left, but none of our guests did!”

Brandie walked down the aisle with GREEN PAINT in the center of her veil. How did it get there? Even more than a decade later, the answer to that question is still a mystery. “It was not only in the center of my veil, but it was on the blusher layer! Right in front of my face! I have no idea how it got there, but once I saw Todd waiting for me at the end of the aisle, it didn’t even matter. We even laugh about it now- you have to be able to let these things go.”

Renée remembers all sorts of things going wrong. But perhaps the most memorable of the many mishaps was that the pianist played the processional way too fast and she had to practically run down the aisle. “I remember that I had perfectly planned the timing for everyone walking down the aisle to one of my favorite pieces by Debussy. I was very clear with the pianist about the tempo. He basically ignored me and I remember rushing down the aisle because I was afraid of the piece ending and having to walk halfway in silence!”

“So, what’s your point?” you’re asking right about now. Well, the point is that even though everyone experiences at least ONE mishap on their wedding day, that’s not what will define your day. And if you count on something going wrong, you won’t be as upset by it in the moment. Just expect something to go wrong and when it does, take a breath, let the professionals you’ve hired help fix it and remember that at the end of the day, if you’re married to your best friend, then it really was a perfect day.


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