How to Infuse the Seacoast Into Your Wedding Day

Let’s face it- the seacoast of New England is pretty spectacular. The scenery, the views, the vibe- it’s got a lot going for it. A lot of our brides might have moved away from the seacoast, but want to come back here for their wedding because of the nostalgia the location holds for them. And if they love it so much, it stands to reason that they want their guests to love it, too. So, how do you incorporate the seacoast into your wedding without it necessarily being a complete “theme?”

The answer is in the details, of course! But if you don’t want your wedding to actually feel like it’s on lobster boat, consider these detail ideas, and don’t forget to exercise restraint- choose one or two ideas to incorporate to keep it from feeling too much like a kitsch-y theme.


It’s a well-known fact that the invitations set the tone for your wedding day, and this makes perfect sense as they are likely the first taste of your wedding that your guests will experience. The feeling of your wedding, including its location can start to be conveyed through the invitation that you choose or design. Preppy and nautical, or bohemian and beachy, there is a design out there for every couple. The paper, the font, the background design- all of these elements can come together to start to help your guests experience the awesomeness that is a seacoast wedding.



You don’t have to deck the halls in anchors and blue and white stripes to have a bit of a nautical feel, but touches of those elements can add a little seacoast charm to your event.

Maybe a small anchor charm hanging around the centerpiece vases, or some oyster shells scattered on the tables along with driftwood. Small touches can be just as beautiful and sometimes a lot more tasteful than bold statement pieces.

Of course, if your event is actually located in a setting that features the gorgeous seacoast, letting nature serve as your décor can be the most impactful (and cost-effective) option available to you!



Guests LOVE taking home a little keepsake from the wedding day, so put some thought into your favor and see if you can incorporate the charm of the location into that item. Perhaps it’s a whale or lobster magnet or keychain. Maybe something edible is a better choice for you such as local maple syrup, jam or relish from Stonewall Kitchen? If you prefer a less perishable gift, a set of lobster crackers or a bottle opener from Smuttynose? Whatever suits your personalities the best!


Dreamlove Photography



Of course, these tips work regardless of the location, although we’re obviously fond of our hometown location! If you need more wedding-planning advice, keep stopping by our blog- we’ve got plenty!



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