“Best Of” Lists for Brides

While we do consider ourselves experts in a lot of wedding-related areas, we also recognize that it’s okay for someone else to do some of the legwork for us. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of awesome articles, blog posts, etc. for you. Whatever it is that you need for your wedding, there’s a solution in at least ONE of the links below!

 First, here is a list from Refinery 29 of 25 of the best wedding-planning apps out there. Let’s be honest, couples are planning more and more of their weddings through their iPhones. So, it’s understandable that app developers would be getting on board that gravy train. Whether you need an app for finding the perfect color palate or managing your budget, we’re pretty sure it exists!


Second, here’s a fabulous list of the 14 best wedding website builders out there. Whether you prefer theknot.com or appycouple, each couple’s wedding website should reflect the personality of their wedding, so it stands to reason that not every couple would use the same builder.


Finally, even though we’re living in a digital age, there are still some rules of wedding etiquette that are important to know. We’re not saying you have to follow all the rules, we’re just saying it’s a good idea to be informed. We think if you’re going to break a rule of wedding etiquette, you should do so knowingly, that’s all. So, take a look at this list of 24 wedding etiquette questions and their answers. Consider yourself the wedding Emily Post.


Of course, there are countless other sources available to you as a bride, but sometimes it’s nice to have some information consolidated for you. We hope these lists are helpful to you! Did we forget something? Leave a comment and let us know!



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