Boho Bride Inspo

If you were to ask us our favorite bridal style, it would be nearly impossible to narrow it down. We love a classic, traditional bride just as much as a modern, edgy girl, as long as that bride is being true to herself. That’s what really makes a bride shine- when her bridal style shows her true self, and you feel you can see her personality through her wedding date attire. It’s not always easy to achieve that, especially if you’re a little more boho-inspired. Fortunately, here at MD, we totally get you, girl. And we’ve made sure to curate a collection of bridal gowns that will help even the most hippie-chic among you feel like yourself AND like a bride. Check out this boho bride inspo:

  1. Carina and Ahsan- This corset and skirt combo was one of the first of its kind. Now, bridal “separates” are pretty much everywhere, but before it was a trend, Watters was head of the curve! They not only figured out that separates are TOTES comfy, but they designed this style with an earthy, blush fabric ideal for the boho bride. The skirt is made of the softest tulle and the top has multiple shades of blush, making for incredible dimension in the design.Watters Carina Ahsan
  2. McKenzie- To us, boho almost always means lace, but not the traditional lace your mom wore. Today’s boho bride wants modern lace, like the kind on McKenzie by Maggie Sottero. It’s like a modern-version of the 70’s Gunne Sax styles, in the best possible way:  Maggie Sottero McKenzie
  3. Boho can mean a lot of things, depending on who you ask, but ultimately, it’s about a vibe. An easy, effortless vibe that doesn’t mean you don’t care how you look, it just means you are SO not into anything over-the-top, or princess-y. Which is what makes style #2067 by Mikaella so perfect for the boho bride: Mikaella 2067

And we know you want to see even more, so here’s just a few of the other looks that would be perfectly boho…

Of course, this is just a small sampling of boho-inspired gowns. Why not make an appointment today to try these (and lots of other) boho-inspired gowns today!


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