The Introverted Bride

Just about everyone assumes that every bride is dying to be the center of attention for pretty much everything wedding-related- from a big engagement celebration to her bridal shower, bachelorette party and of course, the actual wedding day. But the truth is that there are just as many brides out there who are self-described introverts for whom the idea of being the center of attention, talking to dozens of friends and family for entire day sounds overwhelming and exhausting. Believe it or not, getting engaged doesn’t magically change your personality, suddenly turning every bride-to-be into a “Woo-girl.” It’s not that these introverted brides aren’t looking forward to the wedding day, it’s just that they’re concerned about getting through it without feeling drained beyond belief.


If you’re one of those brides, this post is for you. We’ve put together just a few tips for how to get through all the festivities without too much stress and anxiety.

First of all, make sure that in the weeks leading up to the wedding you give yourself plenty of alone time. Introverts are energized by spending time alone, whereas extroverts thrive on being part of a group. Knowing that there will be lots of events to attend where you’ll be expected to talk to just about everyone there, prepare for that by making sure you have enough down-time leading up to those events. If you practice mediation, this is a good time to schedule some extra sessions to fully re-charge.


Second, don’t feel pressured to spend the morning of your wedding getting ready with a room full of bridesmaids- it’s just as easy to stage “getting ready” photos with your photographer after everyone’s done getting pretty. Meanwhile, plan to have your hair and make-up done in a separate, quiet space where you can spend some quality time with you mom or your maid of honor before it’s time to get dressed.


Third, make sure that your wedding coordinator understands how important it is for you to have some quiet time throughout the day. They can help schedule a few moments here and there to have a little peace and quiet, separate from all the festivities. For example, immediately after the ceremony, take a little time with your brand new spouse to be alone and enjoy a few quiet minutes before the bridal party photos and the reception party begins. Or ask your coordinator to help you make the rounds to all your guests in a calm, structured way. If your guests see that you’re taking a few minutes with each table, they’ll be more patient and will be less likely to pounce on you the minute you’re close by.


Finally, whenever you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, just remember the reason for the day. You’re marrying your best friend and that makes it all worth it.


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